Birth Sponsorship

Birth Sponsorship

The Mother Ignacia Hospital currently a 25 bed hospital, catering for inpatient admissions, outpatient presentations, dental clinic and maternity admissions including delivery.

The Hospital was opened in June 2016, and recently, this year 2018 a program “One Birth at a Time” to sponsor antenatal care and birthing has commenced in the hospital.  This program provides free maternity care to poor people who would otherwise have no care, essentially due to poverty.

The Hospital is a partnership project between Dr David O’Rourke and his wife Sue-Ann (Canberra), Flinders Overseas Health Group (FOHG)  (Adelaide) and the Indonesian branch of an order of Catholic Sisters called, Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM).

The hospital currently has two fulltime doctors, nurses, midwives, an ambulance, 25 beds and ancillary staff.

“One Birth at a Time”

Sponsorship of a birth will cost $250. This money will provide for free antenatal clinic visits as well as a supervised delivery at the hospital. The mother will also be provided with a take home kit of materials to help both of them begin their journey.

Birth sponsors will be contacted by the Mother Ignacia Hospital via email, and will receive a letter of appreciation, birthing report and photos.

Donations are made to the FLINDERS FOUNDATION and the foundation will forward the money to the FLINDERS OVERSEAS HEALTH GROUP. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE.

The Flinders Foundation will send you your tax deductable receipt via email.

Poster Advertising Free Births as displayed in Indonesia.