Foundation stone speech

Speech for laying of first foundation stone for Mother Ignacia Clinic in Nunumeu, City of SOE, TTS District, Indonesia

With the greatest respect for:

The Head of the District, today represented by the District Secretary; the Head of the Sub-District and his staff; Sr. Yasinta Head of the RVM District of Indonesia; Sr. Lani Head of the Mother Ignacia Clinic; the Parish Priest Father Dago; Paul Sianto and his work crews; community leaders and all others in attendance.

Please allow me to read a message from Andrew Love, the head representative of the organization Flinders Overseas Health Group (FOHG) which has generously provided the funding for the construction of new buildings for Mother Ignacia Clinic.

Flinders Overseas Health Group as an  Australian based group of volunteer Doctors, who in conjunction with Dr David O’Rourke and his wife Sue-Ann, are pleased to provide funding for this clinic, as a practical indication of our support for the people of the City of Soe, and the people of the Timor Tengah Selatan (South Central Timor) District.

With the support of the Nuns of the Religious of the Virgin Mary we will assist in supporting the  provision of  a clinical service and birthing clinic for the people of Soe and the wider region.

With the agreement and support of the local authorities and the Department of Health we will offer educational programmes, specialist  and support services for the training and development of personnel in this clinic,  as well   as  other local health organisations,  in the training of their staff. Our overall objective is to assist in the improvement of the health of all people in this region.

We are appreciative of the support of the government, the RVM Nuns, our neighbours and  the people of SOE, the builders, our architect and  all who have been involved in the building of this clinic.