History of the Establishment of the Muder Ignacia Hospital RVM Indonesia

History of the establishment Muder Ignacia Hospital

Established as clinic in March 4th, 1998 by our Sisters under Ancilla Domini Foundation in Kupang. Our Service more on helping those patients who are economically poor and cannot afford medical care. We were limited in facilities, in form of clinic rooms and medical equipment but we have many patients who came to our clinic which they came from all parts of SoE and even out site of SoE.  But after the 15 years of service as a clinic, the Sisters have found the calling to improve their service to a more professional care with better quality, in order to help those who are in need but the sisters could not do anything because of financial mater.

Finally, through the grace of God, we were helped to expand our service  into a hospital by the generosity of Dr. David O’rourke and his family that was channeled through Flinders Overseas Health Group (FOHG), an organisation providing assistance in health sector. Considering the fact that Muder Ignacia Clinic has experienced an increase in the number of visits through every part of Kota Soe despite being an outpatient clinic, the Sisters are making an effort to increase their service by becoming a hospital, providing more comprehensive, optimal and professional health care that are better in quality.

On May 2015 the construction was started and The hospital was officially opened on June 11, 2016 and started to serve the patients.  The Muder Ignacia Hospital, equipped with outpatient and inpatient facilities. The Sisters has provided  satisfactory health services towards our patients comprising financially-challenged community in Soe City and its surroundings, including people from remote areas.

Mission, Vision, and Goals of the Muder Ignacia Hospital


Loving service emanating from the love of Christ


Devotion to:

  1. Witness toward the love and healing power of the risen Lord
  2. Revive the enthusiasm of mother Marry reflected by Mother Ignacia for the poor, giving hope and strength all people who care about human life and creation
  3. Share with a generous heart the healing gifts of our profession


  1. To serve the sick with love
  2. To provide good quality healing service
  3. To provide a wide range of services
  4. To contribute to a collaborative network that will work and form partnerships with good quality government and non-government agencies
  5. Development of human resources

As for now, the Muder Ignacia Hospital is equipped with various facilities including inpatient care, 24 hours emergency service, General Practice clinic, Dental clinic, Obstetric clinic, Delivery Room and supporting facilities such as a laboratory, ECG, nutritionist consultation service and pharmacy.