Construction of new Sisters Residence

Despite Covid-19 being present in West Timor, 2020 saw the construction of a new Sisters Residence and a Waiting house for the Mother Ignacia Hospital.

The old residence was demolished and replaced with a new six bedroom house with ensuite rooms, dining room, kitchen, laundry and living spaces.

Six sisters work at the Mother Ignacia Hospital.

The Waiting House consists of four rooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and living rooms.  The waiting facility will allow pregnant women who live long distances from the birthing facility to come and stay until their baby is born.

Transport to health care is one of the largest hurdles that does not allow access to safe medical care.  The Waiting House should make access to the mother Ignacia Hospital easier and contribute to safer outcomes.


A Waste Water Facility was also installed into the site of the Mother Ignacia Hospital, an essential government requirement to future proof the site and replacing the original septic waste system.


The laundry for the site is currently under construction.

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